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  1. ONLINE-CLASS WORK : Online class work shall be resumed from 04th May 2020 (Monday), all the regular students of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester are advised to attend the class work from the said date. For further details contact Mr. Mohammad Yousuf. NEW

  2. REGULAR CLASS WORK : Regular class work shall be resumed from 29th July 2019 (Monday), all the regular students of 1st, 3rd and 5th semester are advised to attend the class work from the said date.

  3. EXAM CENTER NOTICE (MJ-2019): Theory Examination Center Notice (MJ-2019) for 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Semester is availble in DOWNLOADS TAB.

  4. Sessionals Datesheet 2nd and 4th (MJ-2019): Datesheet of Sessional Exams (MJ-2019) for 2nd and 4th Semester is availble in DOWNLOADS TAB.

  5. Sessionals RESHEDULED (MJ-2019): Datesheet of Sessional Exams (MJ-2019) for 6th Semester has been resheduled from tomorrow (14-05-2019) and the NEW DATESHEET can be downloaded from DOWNLOADS TAB.

  6. SESSIONALS (MJ-2019): All the regular Students of College are hereby informed that the Sessional Exams of MJ-2019 will be held from 13-05-2019 (6th Sem) and 22-05-2019 (2nd and 4th Sem), for further details contact College Administration Section.

  7. HOLIDAY: All the Students and faculty members of the College are hereby informed that College will remain Closed tomorrow [Saturday] (06-04-2019) on account of NAVRATRI.

  8. IMPORTANT: All the Students of 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester are hereby directed to attend Classes regularly as the Class Work has already been commenced from 25-02-2019.

  9. REGULAR CLASS WORK SESSION MJ2019: Regular Class work of 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester shall commence w.e.f 25-02-2019 (Monday). All the Students are directed to remain punctual and collect necessary Rollno Slips from the Office after clearing all fee dues.

  10. SESSIONAL EXAM 1st SEM: Sessionals of First Sem regular will be held from 06-12-2018 (Thursday) and Datesheet for the same is availble in DOWNLOAD TAB
  11. SESSIONAL EXAM: Sessionals of First and Fifth Sem regular will be held from 03-12-2018 (Monday) and Datesheet for the same is availble in DOWNLOAD TAB
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Faculty of English


English language is the current lingua franca of the international business, technology, aviation, diplomacy, banking computing medicines engineering and tourism. About one fifth of people all over the world know more or less about English. It is spoken by 1.8 billion people in the world and the number still increasing. Almost every single university in the world are conducting scientific studies in English. Total 60% of radio programs are broadcast in English, more than 70% of the content or address of mailing letters are written in English. English plays an important role in the

 All in all, non-native English engineering students should try hard to improve their English ability, which could help to make both their school life and career more successful and enjoyable. in the world. Most people in the world agrees with what Alexander V. Sandoval claims in his essay, ’The Importance of English’ on www.eagleforum.com , "English is becoming the world’s language of the 21st century. Engineering is the biggest field of study in the world. First of all English is a tool that significantly affect engineering students in academic life. While most of the theories in engineering are taught in English, it requires to have good English communication competence. In academic life ,engineering students have to deal with the countless English lectures, tutorials, labs, project reports and papers. most engineering professors in various universities are also conducting lectures in English. The most convenient source of information i.e. Internet provides most of the information in English. During the job seeking process in interviews, GD’s, it is but of crucial importance to achieve mastery in English proficiency. After securing the job they are required to work in groups since their task seldom be solved by an individual. So, being an engineer requires to co-operate and communicate with different people from different part of the world.

English communication skills are recognized as the important element in the academic life and career of the engineering students. It requires to make use of integrated methods to facilitate advanced communication skills, which is the demand of industry as well as society. The rural area engineering students should effectively make use of the faculty,education system and the amenities provided to them in combination with the self efforts, to emerge as a competent user of English communication to become successful in life and career.


Mr. Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din

05 Years



Communication Skills, Literature,

Writing Skills, etc


Jr. Lecturer


S. No.


Mrs. Hilaaba

03 Years

HOD - First Year (KITE Polytechnic) 

05 Years

Organization Behavior, Communication Skills etc.


Mr. Aijaz Ahmad




Engineer: In Search of Creativity...!